How To Start A Carpet Cleaning Business

Most buildings and houses have carpets and it usually gets dirty. If you are a committed entrepreneur who enjoys hard work, you can turn this dirt into a money-making opportunity for your own carpet cleaning business.

To become a certified carpet cleaning technician.  You need to learn the basics about carpet fibers, how to react to certain types of cleaners, what temperatures to use, how to remove stains and installation standards, protectors and deodorizers. It is also important to know what are the carpet cleaning business requirements?

There are 2 main reasons why the carpet cleaning industry is one billion dollars per year. These 2 reasons are the ones that guarantee the success of any person that offers the carpet cleaning service. Making the business of cleaning or washing carpets highly lucrative can also be done with a very low budget of capital and time.

First, many homes and office buildings built after 1960 have wall-to-wall carpeting. Thousands of meters of carpet are installed every year and most of all the offices have commercial type carpets.

Second, people simply want to take care of what they have. Especially when it comes to their carpets. Wall to wall carpeting is a great investment and people want it to last as long as possible. The maintenance and aspiring every week but require cleaning them more thoroughly using shampoos or steam washes.

These services usually do so through payment to a carpet cleaning company which cleans the carpets at least once a year.

Restaurants are also considered a commercial carpet cleaning job, just like offices, but restaurants have usually cleaned their carpets more often than offices do. Residential carpet cleaning consists of houses, apartments, condominiums and rental places.

There is a constant need for carpet cleaning and it is growing all the time. You can use your own small-scale carpet cleaning business to earn extra income or do a business that grows out of it and bring in at least $ 50,000 a year or more. All you really need is a regular business license required in certain cities and states, some advertising brochures and information that you can get in courses or work for a carpet cleaning company.

Some states reinforce the environmental rules for indoor air quality and the use of chemicals, as well as the elimination of residual water from carpet cleaning. If you put your business from home, you may find yourself with some restrictions on traffic, parking spaces, and advertising signs.

You can get a lot of residential bills to clean carpets, get real estate contracts that require carpet cleaning, as well as property managers who manage rental properties, since every time a tenant moves, the carpet clean

As you can see there is a great need for carpet cleaning service, every house and building must have carpets that get dirty every day, and when you get a business account it is a safe monthly check, in the case of office buildings or rental apartment complex.

Do not be scared by the machines that rent in home depot or other hardware stores, the “do it yourself”, the people who clean their own carpets, rent a machine when they need it, they are not causing for alarm, as it will not affect their success of your carpet cleaning business.

Most people are too busy or too lazy to handle all the “do it yourself” tasks that should be done around your house.

People also postpone things and put any task that requires special equipment such as cleaning the carpet to the last. You will find that most people will be very willing to pay to appear with the equipment and do the carpet cleaning work for them.

It does not take any special skill or experience to operate a carpet cleaning machine. Anyone can do it. You can start this business in your own neighborhood, and start making a profit almost immediately.

Definitely, starting a carpet cleaning business is profitable, easy to administer and requires little investment of capital or cash,

Another, one thing’s clear,  carpet cleaning is a profitable business.

Thanks to Our Sponsor Lkn Carpet Cleaning

We just wanted to write this post to give a big thanks to our new sponsor Chase from Lkn Carpet.  It can be quite difficult to find a sponsor nowadays with the economy being the way it is.  Chase mainly does carpet cleaning in Cornelius and the surrounding areas.  He also does tile and upholstery cleaning too though, which includes rug cleaning and other kinds of flooring. If you are in need of any of those services then give him a call, he has a great reputation in the area and comes highly recommended by all of us.  Here is all his company information.

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Why Should Businesses Sponsor Sports Teams?

There are many reasons for a company to sponsor a sports team.  The main one is the charitable contribution that it is and the great feeling that comes from helping others.  Other reasons are to increase the visibility of the business through the advertising that comes with the sponsorship.  The good will that is built in the community is priceless and knowing the money is going towards a good cause is a great feeling.

What Does Sponsorship Money Go Towards?

Every dollar that is donated to us at Cornelius NC Softball will be put towards buying new equipment that is needed for the running of games, as well as the costs associated with traveling to different cities to play.  We would like to thank our volunteers, mainly Mike for putting in so many hours to make this league a reality for people of all ages and abilities to play softball.

The new gear that will be bought with the sponsorship money will be bats, gloves, helmets, and other miscellaneous items.  If you decide to sponsor us you can be assured that your money will be put to good use.  Thanks again!